Victoria-Aster® is known by its wide colour range. Our Aster series comes in 23 different varieties. The flowers are double and have plenty of petals.

A long durability is one of our main breeding targets through recent years and the results are clear. Victoria-Aster® has a very long durability so the end consumers can enjoy their Victoria-Aster® for a long time. Victoria-Aster® can be placed inside as well as outside.

Victoria-Aster® is a hardy and healthy plant, which easily sets roots and rarely gives problems in the production.

Victoria-Aster® grows as seedlings and thus we can ensure a high uniformity of our end product. Cuttings can be delivered from week 10 until week 25.

Please explore our website for more information about Victoria-Aster®.

You may also consult your supplier of cuttings.

Victoria-Aster® cuttings suppliers

Floripartner A/S

  Holkebjergvej 90 DK-5250, Odense SV Tel. +45 70 22 04 01 Fax no. +45 66 18 59 11  


Logistikvej 25B  5250 Odense SV Danmark Tlf. +45 63171400 info@greenex.xom  

Steenbek A/S

  Korden 15 DK-8751 Gedved Danmark Tel. +45 86260944,  Fax no. +45 86260990